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A Central Hotel in Bath's Historic Centre

Harington’s City Hotel in Bath was named after the family of local landowners whose great forebear Sir John Harington, Godson of Queen Elizabeth l, is credited with the invention of the first flushable toilet in 1596. A little known fact, but this is where the phrase ‘I’m going to the Johnny’ originates! We have many visitors from around the world visiting us as they trace their ‘Harington’ family tree, some of which hold the special Harington signet ring.

The property been a hotel for approximately 35 years and is one of 5,000 listed properties in historic Bath. Owners, Peter and Melissa, have lovingly restored the handsome building taking care to ensure it has all the hotel-style perks you'll love, whilst retaining the period features and character that make Harington's a special place. John Harington himself would be proud!

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